Monday, October 20, 2008


Indonesian is described as a land where "there is rice in the fields and fish in the water".
Indonesian also called katulistiwa ,its mean what ever throw in the land will grow even it is stick.

In the ancient dynasty times of Indonesian the meals were simple and consisted generally of rice
accompanied bye two or three side dishes.The food was lightly cooked and seasoned.Since red hot chillies were unknown the food was made hot with black pepper.The people of Indonesian made good use of the sea life around them and the spices that were to their South.
The dishes were low in fat and high in seasonings.In the old days food was grilled on a wood fire
or boiled in a clay pot.The men sat rossed - legged,the woman with their legs tucked behind them,so that feet were always pointing away from the group.serving dishes were placed at randomand most of the fooddishes were served all at once.Perfumed and sweetened water was served with Indonesian food as tradition in the old days.

The meals were simple,beautiful affairs with grace, beauty and sprituality wich more than made up for any formality and grandeur.

The complex techniques for preparing foods and carving fruits and vegetables were
perfected .Fruits and vegetables were made to look like flowers, leaves, and abstract design.

The Indonesian also have perfected the art of flavors over time.The land has always produced many indigenous spices,herbs and seasonings and ancient trade and culture exchange also brought in spices from China ,Thai and India.The water also produced fish,shrimps ,crabs.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Actually I do not like to cook,but when I arrived in Kuwait all food different taste.
So much different between Asian food and Arabic food.
Day by day, I learn how to make Indonesian food and the later I also know how to prepare food from another country.
Indonesian cooking technique compare Chinese or Thai or Indian cooking technique almost no different.If you interest with Asian food I would like to share with you.Very happy if you can make your family ,friends or people arround you suprise with your preparation.



150 gram - green papaya
20 gram - long bean
2 gram - red chilli
10 gram - lime
20 gram - tomato
10 gram - dried shrimps
10 gram - peanut raw
5 gram - fish sauce
10 gram - palm sugar
15 gram - lettuce lolloroso
2 gram - garlic
60 gram - pumpkin
5 gram - ajinomoto

Procedure :
Ensure a clean



2 litres - Tap water
2 kg - Granulated sugar
1 no. - Pandan leaf


1. Ensure a clean and proper workstation
2. In a large pot,put water ,sugar and pandan leaf and let it boil for at least 15 - 20 minutes until becomes medium thick.
3. Transfer to a small container
4.keep inside chiller.

Note : easy to make

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